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Trader Outlook is a global community of traders that have the shared goal of learning how to trade in a consistent and disciplined way. Each member is committed to the process of taking control of their trading and helping one another to do the same.

Trader Outlook offers:
  • Daily Forex Webinars & Stock Analysis Every Monday through Friday
  • Access to Bob Iaccino's trading chart setups, both Short Term and Long Term
  • Exclusive Q & A sessions with Bob Iaccino and Archived Video Vault
  • Trading Signals Sent Worldwide, Directly to Your Email or Smart Phone
  • Access to our community forum where members interact and share strategies and programs with one another
  • Get Educated on the Trading Psychology and Discipline that Bob has used for 18 Years of Trading the Markets

We have a membership level to fit any background or schedule, check out which is the right fit for you.

Why Join Trader Outlook?

Founded on the concept of creating a virtual trading floor, Trader Outlook offers you a true community of like-minded fellow traders from all backgrounds and experience levels. Bob Iaccino is the founder and lead educator of our vibrant membership, bringing his market experience and 18 years of professional trading to every educational offering. Find out why thousands of traders have graduated from Bob's trading education program.